Planting of Rachael’s Hope Mango Tree in Uganda

Our children at the orphanage in Uganda enjoyed a video program for schools called Rachel’s Challenge that promotes an international movement of kindness and compassion reaching over 1 million primary and secondary students annually. It is very popular in the States. Michael and Karen Kilgore have been trained to give the presentation and we were previleged to have them visit our children’s home in Matugga Uganda

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A Lesson from St. Peter

Time is 8:30 Pm; I am on my way home through the city. I am in such a hurry I narrowly miss knocking over a small boy. I murmur an apology and continue on my way only to be stopped short; the same boy is literally standing in my way. He looks up at me, straight in the eye-for effect I guess-and in a singsong tone asks me,

“Sebo mpayo ebibiri.” Meaning sir, give me two hundred shillings (200).

Now he has my full attention: I look down at this tiny man, (could be anything between 7 and 10), dressed in bits and pieces that used to be a t-shirt. It’s obvious that he is cold and hungry, but that comes as no shock because I have seen so many of these on the streets. The real reason I am interested in tiny man is I sense ambition: we are used its ‘Mpayo ekikumi’-give me one hundred shillings (100); the guy has actually hiked charges to 200! I am amused. I decide to haggle, now that we are at it. So I tell tiny man I know it’s supposed to be 100/=, not 200/=. Ok, 100 will do just fine if that’s what you have,’ he says. Soon business is over and tiny man runs off immediately to confront his next” customer”

It’s a hopeless situation, isn’t it? No, it’s not. It reminds me of a bible story about St. Peter’s encounter with the crippled beggar at the beautiful temple-gate (Acts 3:2-6). The cripple was sure that one more silver coin was the best anyone could offer him. I get a feeling Peter had some coins to spare but he knew he could give something that a bagful of silver coins would never give; so Peter said to him,

“Silver and gold I have not but what I have I give to thee; In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, walk.”

And the born-cripple jumped and danced his way into the church, health and strong. I will bet he never begged again.

As we work with the disadvantaged, homeless children, we try to give them skills like art and craft, sports, music dance and drama, character development and discipleship programs in place of Peter’s faith. And this time it’s not what we have, but rather “…What you have, we help you discover.”

I am encouraged; I hope you will be encouraged too.

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Website Launch & Tree Planting

Welcome to our new website! A tradition we have here at Amahoro Children’s Home is for our visitors to plant fruit bearing trees in our garden. This contributes to our goal of food security and sustainability. As you may know, we try to eat food from our own garden as much as possible. The kids like the tradition so much that they want to start their own tradition! So, Serina is the first of the children in the home to plant her own tree. And of course, the tree is named Serina!  Take a look!

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We want to keep you informed about what’s going on at Amahoro Children’s Home Uganda, so we have started our own blog. Please check back for updates, as we will be adding photos and more information over time. Thanks!

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